Career Biography

A career biography, also called a professional biography, summarizes a person's expertise by providing a snapshot of his or her career history. 

Depending on its use, a career bio may be one paragraph to multiple pages in length. Regardless, the purpose is to tell the reader what you are doing with your career, what your plans are, and how your expertise can help a potential employer.

Career biographies should be written in third-person, showcase your key accomplishments, highlight past contributions, include credentials, and clearly define your career goals. You might also include a photograph of yourself and a few details about your personal life such as hobbies and interests to build some common ground with the reader.

Making all of this information flow together perfectly can be very difficult for many, especially if you have several years of experience and achievements to combine on paper. That's why I am here to help make this process easy and create a document that will seamlessly portray your entire career history.